Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Join Us on Our Journey
Nestled among tall oak trees about two miles off the busy Highway 72 east, at the corner of county road 53 and 92 in eastern Lauderdale County, Alabama, sits a beautiful rock church called Mt. Bethel. The structure itself seems to beckon you to come and rest awhile and take a break from the rush of modern life. And indeed, each week a group of Christian disciples stop by this beautiful sanctuary to find spiritual refreshment on their journey through life. This has been true since before the time of the Civil War when early settlers moved into this area, and the early Methodist circuit riding preachers from the Tennessee Annual Conference started ministering to the people in the area. Mt. Bethel has long since become a part of the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church.
While the church at Mt. Bethel has been around a long time and the building itself is beautiful and inviting, it is neither the past nor the beauty of the structure that is important today. What is important is that the church called Mt. Bethel is made up of a group of Christian disciples on a spiritual journey through life. The beautiful building is only where we stop to worship, to study, to fellowship, and to commit ourselves anew to the marching orders of Jesus Christ to go into all the world and make disciples. As we make that journey, we invite you to join us as we live, grow, and share the love of Christ.
We welcome you to this website to learn more about the people that call Mt. Bethel their home and who stop by this beautiful sanctuary each week. If you are looking for a group of loving, caring, and accepting people to journey through life with, we invite you to come and visit with us.
Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church
1743 County Road 53
Rogersville, AL 35652
Rev. Tommy Heaps
Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church is a community of committed disciples of Jesus Christ who seek to live Christ centered lives, grow in their faith relationship with Jesus Christ, actively worship God, make disciples of Jesus Christ, and serve God in all endeavors.
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